Wednesday, September 29, 2010

These Ladies Do Not Give Up Their Power!

I always find it fascinating in regards to the power of women. I don’t say this because I am a woman, I say because my personal development is inspired by women who have made lifelong impressions on my life. My first mentor/adviser/counselor was my mother, the late Walterine Conway. She expressed herself though her powerful conscious to be a woman, wife, mother, community activist and teacher. I know I became her. This is my personal quote – ‘Women are the true power of this universe’. My special guests will talk about what it means to live as powerful women.
D. Dionne Bates received her Ph.D from Capella University. She works in the Counseling Center as one of the staff members at Georgia Southern University. She also was a professor at Alabama A&M University. Her work deals with women’s issues, empowerment, gender diversity and more. She was the 1990 Lyndon B. Johnson U.S. Congressional Intern for the late Honorable Claude Harris (Alabama). I have not told you everything about Dionne. You will find out more about her from listening to the show.
I promised Ms. Marline Russell way before I started broadcasting the show to be my guest and finally got her. She is a powerful woman who works hard for the community along with being a single mother with three sons. Marline is the founder of ‘Georgia Works Incorporated,’ a self-sufficiency incentive program for low-income families. Not only was she a product of this situation but she is still striving for the best and in the process, "helping others". She comes from a musical family. We will find out more about her musical background, and her Great Uncle was Louis Armstrong.
Wendy Peterson is an author, a mother of four, a wife, motivational speaker full-time doctorate student and has also been coined the "Mission Minded Maven". Wendy has written a very powerful memoir that extends beyond color and creed, ‘Memoirs of a Soldier’s Wife.’ This book will lead you through the good, the bad and the great times. As her husband completes his military commitment and final deployment, read first-hand how she conquers difficulty throughout the entire deployment.
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Dionne Bates, Ph.D

Marline Russell

Wendy Patterson